Who Should Attend

Zonal Tech Solution HR Training Program has been specifically built to provide a background in Human Resource Management (HRM) for those who want to make career in Management sector or newly appointed HR practitioners from all industries, or those who all are willing to learn the management aspect of companies or any industries in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM) and Human Resource Development (HRD). The most important key or assets of any Organisation is Human Resource Department, Human Resource Management is very important to any Organisation for the managing and maintaining Employees and to keep Employees motivated and encouraged so that productivity of Organisation will be increased & quality things will be delivered based on new inventions or any technology. Human Resource Department is essential to reach goals and objective of any Organisation. Zonal tech solution enables a learner to enter into company as a good HR person through huge experience of Practical Training in HR to meet the challenges at present & future.

Why Should Attend

If you are willing to make your career in Human Resource Training and Management Zonal Tech Solution provides you a better skill to implement a Quality Standard to become a successful HR Person by getting certified with World Wide accredited certification. HR Training not only gives the benefits to the individual person, but it also help the Organisation to Grow ahead. An HR can be aware of changes which happens in Organisation, understand Employee's needs, work with Compensation & Negotiation skills, provide Training & Development activities for Employees etc. If you want to improve or learn or implement productivity to one quality standards and develop your sets of skill to reach your goal in your Organisation or your working Organisation.

What is The Output?

Zonal Tech Solution provides all kind of HR Training program based on individual needs, an individual can adopt for short term or long term training programs. Once when the training is completed you will increase your skills and understanding that how to manage work with people, this course will help you to how to get good quality of work to achieve common goal of a company, Zonal Tech Solution makes you enable in all aspect of HR by managing employees, managing employee skills, solving problems in Organisation. For best practical HR Training with World Wide Certification join Zonal Tech Solution. Whether you decide to do a certificate, diploma or degree in human resources management, it offers you a broader suite of knowledge that will increase your skills and understanding. If you want to be even more successful in your career joining HR Training will help you. You also have the option to do a short term courses for Recruitment, Generalist, Payroll and so on. As a Human Resource Professional having good people skills and the ability to communicate effectively is a bonus.

Training Content

Human Resource is used to describe both the employee who work for a company or organization and the department who is responsible for managing resources related to employees. The term human resources was first describe in the 1960s when the value of labor relations began to focus main attention and when notions such as motivation, organizational behavior, and selection assessments began to take shape.

Human Resources Introduction

  • 1. Basics of Human Relations
  • 2. Need of Human Relations
  • 3. Need of HR in Organizations
  • 4. Responsibility of HR in Organizations
  • 5. Qualities Needed to become HR
  • 6. Basic Concepts of HR
  • 7. Human Resource Development
  • 8. Human Resource Management


  • 1. Need of Recruitment
  • 2. Need of Employees in Organizations
  • 3. Responsibility of HR Recruiters
  • 4. Process of Recruitment
  • 5. Recruitment & Selection
  • 6. Types of Recruitment
  • 7. Creating Vacancy in Organization
  • 8. Planning & Development in Organization
  • 9. Drafting Job Description
  • 10. Drafting Job Specification
  • 11. Sources of Recruitment
  • 12. Process of using Sources of Recruitment
  • 13. Short Listing Resumes
  • 14. Process of Interview
  • 15. Types of Interview
  • 16. Ability Tests


  • 1. Joining Formalities
  • 2. Documentation
  • 3. Background Verification
  • 4. Induction Process
  • 5. On boarding Process
  • 6. Planning & Executing Induction Program for new Employee
  • 7. Process of introducing new Employee to the Organization
  • 8. Techniques to obtain Induction feedback from New Employee
  • 9. Employee Checklist Details
  • 10. Appraisal Systems
  • 11. Attrition & Retention
  • 12. Professional Documents
  • 13. Drafting Policies
  • 14. Training & Presentation of Employees
  • 15. Group Discussions
  • 16. Competencies
  • 17. Competencies
  • 18. Competencies
  • 19. Employee Motivation
  • 20. HRIS Management


  • 1. Leave Eligibility Act
  • 2. Shops & Establishment Act
  • 3. Contract Manpower Act
  • 4. Over Time Wages
  • 5. Gratuity Act
  • 6. Bonus Act
  • 7. Maternity Benefit Act
  • 8. Maternity Benefit Act
  • 9. Factories Act
  • 10. minimum wages Act


  • 1. Profession Tax
  • 2. Provident Fund
  • 3. Employee State Insurance Corporation
  • 4. Forms of SC
  • 5. Income Tax
  • 6. TDS


  • 1. Salary Break Up
  • 2. Components of Salary
  • 3. CTC Break Up
  • 4. MIS Reports
  • 5. Drafting Pay Slip
  • 6. Working with Payroll Software


  • 1. Basic Interview Skills
  • 2. Basic Communication Skills
  • 3. Revising Resume

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